NU-Life specializes in minor to general repairs, including:

  • Concrete slabs / stamping

  • Interior taping and texturing of sheet rock

  • Windows and doors / stucco

  • Kitchen, bath, and new additions

  • Removal of walls

  • Interior / exterior

  • Framing, roofing and landscaping

  • Electrical and plumbing

  • Cabinets and counter tops

  • Wood laminate, hard wood, and tile flooring
With a staff of skilled craftsmen and workers, Nu-Life Construction stands above the rest. Bringing
expertise to every job site, and a dedication to each client and their immediate and long term needs.
We put our signature on every undertaking just by taking our time to make sure every detail is taken
care of. When the time comes to expand or repair please don't hesitate to
contact NU-Life.